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The team of the NGO "Girls" is a collaboration of optimism, courage, ideas, inspiration and desire to help.

Depending on the needs of the NGO projects, we involve additional experts. Our team has an extensive network of experts, including psychologists, sociologists, lawyers, doctors, communicators, logisticians, teachers, social workers and teachers, and more.

Team members of the NGO «Girls»


Yulia Sporysh
Yulia Sporyshthe founder and director
Candidate of Sociological Sciences. He has extensive managerial experience in fintech projects and the public sector. She is our ideological inspirer and visionary. Responsible for interacting with donors and partners, leading the team and caring for the development of all Ukrainian girls.
Daria Chekalova
Daria Chekalovasenior project manager
Master of Arts, Communication. Skillfully manages internal and external communication. Responsible for reporting and current documentation management, grant management, logistics.
Alina Kasilova
Alina Kasilovacurator of psychological care
Master of Clinical Psychology. Coordinates the project of the NGO "Girls" for comprehensive psychological assistance from interviews with victims and selection of specialists for rehabilitation to project implementation and reports. She has 8 years of experience in psychological assistance to women and girls in Ukraine.
Olga Saukh
Olga Saukhfinancial manager
Master of Economics and Master of Arts in law. Manages the financial team of the NGO Girls, prepares budgets and financial reports on projects and maintains accounting. She has 15 years of experience working with international and Ukrainian donors.
Svitlana Sushchenko
Svitlana Sushchenkospecialist in monitoring and evaluation
Master of Project management.
Responsible for timely and reliable reporting 
on current projects of the NGO "GIRLS".
Prepares interim amd final narrative reports 
for donors.
She has 7 years of experience in cooperation with Ukrainian public organizations.
Svitlana Butova
Svitlana Butovacommunication manager
Specialist in PR and social media management Implements information and media support of the NGO "Girls" and its projects She has 4 years of experience working with commercial projects in Ukraine, Europe, USA and Australia.
Kateryna Sydorchuk
Kateryna Sydorchukprogramm assistant, project manager

Bachelor of Law with experience in the public sector.

Expertly supports communication with beneficiaries and responsible for the implementation of current project tasks.
An indispensable assistant in the implementation of humanitarian aid projects.

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