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General information

Title: NGO Girls
Date of creation of the initiative: February 11, 2016
Date of registration of the organization: July 1, 2019
Founder and manager: Yuliya Sporysh
The mission of Girls: to encourage girls to consciously build their life strategy by taking into regard female physiology and modern career opportunities.

Short slogan: We teach girls to build their life strategy. We implement projects aimed at the safety and development of girls and women. We conduct educational activities on the basics of female physiology and opportunities for professional realization for adolescent girls.

Two main areas of work:

1. Conducting educational lessons in schools on the basics of female and male physiology and hygiene.
2. Helping girls build self-confidence, career ambitions, skills, and motivation to earn their own money to be independent and strong.

During the war, we have introduced and implemented projects providing:

  • Targeted financial assistance to children and large families;
  • Humanitarian aid in war-affected regions;
  • Psychological assistance with the involvement of the best psychologists and specialists from related fields
  • Arrangements for temporary IDP housing.

Sources of funding include Ms. Sporysh’s personal funds, as well as funds from donors, philanthropists, grant programs.

Our Code of Conduct:


What do we do?

  • We conduct educational activities in schools of Ukraine both as part of grant programs and funded by parents.
  • We hold public free lectures for everyone on personal hygiene, physiology, and intimate health.
  • We conduct training workshops for teachers of Ukrainian schools.
  • We cooperate with other civil society organizations, charitable initiatives, and companies interested in corporate social responsibility.

Facts, figures, achievements

Between 2016 and 2021, we held more than 3,500 events for about 120,000 participants (children and parents).
We have more than 70 expert collaborators, including gynecologists, sexologists, infectious disease specialists, lawyers, sociologists, communication specialists, as well as our own volunteers and ambassadors.

Since 2021, the Girls has been a partner of the United Nations Children's Fund in Ukraine (UNICEF Ukraine).

In 2021, we implemented the Health without Shame project, which was dedicated to menstrual health and hygiene. As part of the project, our team of lecturers conducted online and face-to-face menstrual hygiene lessons for students in grades 5-11 in all regions of Ukraine, developed information booklets for children and adults, and conducted training workshops for 250 teachers. The project covered 110,000 children and adults across Ukraine.

In 2022, we are continuing our cooperation with the Ukrainian part of the Oky project, a specially developed mobile application for menstrual cycle tracking for girls between 10 and 13 years old. Oky is an English-language app for teenage girls that helps them track your menstrual cycle and provides access to a large number of informational articles, tips and advice aimed at girls.

In the same year, 2021, we created our interactive Map of Pediatric Gynecologists, for which we collected data on all pediatric and adolescent gynecologists practicing in Ukraine
and created a chat bot for  the Telegram messenger
where patients can quickly find their nearest specialist.

With the beginning of the war, Girls’ activities were refocused on providing financial, humanitarian and psychological assistance to war victims. We are carrying out both our own projects and projects with the support of donor organizations.


Among our own projects are: 

  1. socio-psychological rehabilitation and adaptation for children and adolescents surviving the war (both for those who remain in Ukraine and for those who have left),
  2. long-term psychological and psychotherapeutic assistance to survivors of sexual violence, including children, adolescents, both women and men, and parents of survivors,
  3. arrangement of temporary shelter centers and provision of services for social and psychological rehabilitation for children and adults.
Since March 2022, Girls has been working with the Global Fund for Children to implement a project of targeted financial and humanitarian assistance throughout Kyiv Region.

In April 2022, with the support of the Global Fund for Children, we purchased tablets  for children from  Bucha District. Thanks to this program, children were able to regain access to the educational process and continue their studies.

Since May 2022, Girls has been working on a project providing humanitarian and psychological assistance to women with children and large families from Kyiv Region with the support of the SOS Children's Towns Emergency program.

The program is focused on the following measures:
  • Psychological support for children and families;
  • Providing humanitarian (food and hygiene kits) assistance to children and families with many children;
  • Assistance to beauticians from Bucha District in the form of work equipment.
To help IDPs, we are equipping the IDP Temporary Shelter Center in the village of Lukivtsi, Chernivtsi region, with grant support from the United Nations Peacebuilding and Financial Development Program and financial support from the European Union. We are arranging a shelter within the project together with the NGO Active Community.

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