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Humanitarian help

NGO Girls implements humanitarian aid projects for children and women affected by the war with the support of donors, partners and private benefactors.


Food and hygiene kits

During 2022, more than 25,000 families received humanitarian aid from the NGO Girls in the form of food and hygiene kits.


If we have an ability, we also provide:

  • food;
  • baby food;
  • diapers;
  • diapers and wet wipes for children;
  • hygiene products for women.

For the year 2022, more than 50,000 hygiene products for women and children's diapers of the NGO Girls were provided to friendly non-profit organizations.

Tablets and e-books for children

We help children regain access to education.

With the support of sponsors and private benefactors, we purchase lots of tablets, thanks to which children will have access to online education, entertainment and hobbies.


During 2022, the NGO Girls provided

70 tablets and 70 e-books for children to study.


Backpacks with stationery

In 2022, 200 schoolchildren from various regions of Ukraine received backpacks with stationery from the NGO Girls.

The backpacks were distributed within the framework of the project "Support for IDPs in Ukraine", implemented by the NGO Girls in partnership with World Vision International and with the financial assistance of ADH.

Winter clothes for children

With the support of private benefactors, more than 200 children received support in the form of winter clothes and shoes during 2022.

Assistance with evacuation

During 2022, with the support of the NGO Girls, 60 people received help with evacuation.

Families from dangerous regions of Ukraine received financial compensation for transportation costs from the NGO Girls, which allowed them to reach safer places.

Humanitarian aid is provided only upon prior registration.

We provide information on the possibility of receiving humanitarian aid at the current moment and the current link to register for receiving it on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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