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In January 2022, the Girls NGO became an implementing partner of UNICEF in the Oky application localization project.

Oky is an English-language app for teenage girls

Oky is an English-language app for teenage girls that helps them track their menstrual cycles and learn more about menstrual health. It also provides access to a large number of informational articles, tips and advice aimed at girls.

Thanks to this project, teenagers are able learn more about menstruation, physiology and hygiene, the process of puberty, healthy relationships and communication, their rights and boundaries, and more.

Oky is a comprehensive source of much-needed knowledge developed in accordance with international standards by the best UNICEF experts. The application is free to use.
By the end of 2022, Girls will have adapted Oky for the Ukrainian market.

The application will be translated into Ukrainian and uploaded onto the AppStore and Play Market in Ukraine in the fall.
Oky Ukraine is available for use!

The application works even without access to the Internet and reliably protects the personal data of users.

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