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Women and Stigma research project

Women and stigma: a qualitative research

With the support of the Ukrainian Women's Foundation, Girls is conducting qualitative research with Ukrainian girls, their parents, and teachers.

The purpose: to study the features / nature of the impact of war on the stigmatization of women's health and the perception of gender roles in Ukrainian society.

We are studying three target groups:

  • Teenage girls
  • Parents of teenage girls
  • Teachers in schools

Research objectives:

Identify girls’ perceptions of the concepts of women's health and  gender roles, before February 24 and now, to investigate whether girls' professional ambitions have changed;

identify the directions and main factors transforming the perception of the role of women in society; the compatibility of career and motherhood; whether there is dilemma between career, money, and  family/children; the emergence of other, "new" roles; and the "old" and "new" stereotypes through which they are formed.

mastered and desired models of gender behavior; opinion leaders on women's health and gender behavior; the role and potential of school in education.
Identify mothers' perceptions of women's health and gender roles before February 24 and now, current and potential models and problems of raising daughters, "old" and "new" stereotypes, what problems they face and what they expect, what information and tools they need, the  perception of the role of school in the upbringing of daughters, and parents’ main reservations.

Identify parents' perceptions of raising a girl, how parents perceived and still perceive their role in the process of raising a girl, "old" and "new" stereotypes, what problems they face and what they expect, and what information and tools they need.

Identify teachers' perceptions of the role, opportunities and potential of the school in educating girls, the main problems and barriers, and needs for information and materials for appropriate education.
Methods of collecting and analyzing information:
  • In-depth interviews (IDI) separately with girls, IDI duration - up to 30 minutes;
  • Mini focus groups, 3-4 participants (FGD) separately with mothers, fathers, teachers, duration of FGD ~ 2 hours.
Research design:
  • 4 subregions - Kyiv, Center-North, South-East, West.
  • From each subregion, 1 participant on IDI with girls and on FGD with mothers - went abroad in the first days of war (except FGD with dads and FGD teachers).
  • South-East - participants who moved to other regions in the first days of the war.
  • Kyiv, Center-North - participants who moved to other regions in the first days of the war, who did not leave, and who left but have already returned to their homes.
  • No more than 1 father or mother from one reference group (group of friends of parents or children friends) is allowed.
A brief analytical report on the study of taboo
issues of women's health, professional and career
implementation in the process of socialisation of girls and
the impact on the choice of life strategies is available for viewing and downloading.

If you are interested in a full analytical report on the results of the study, write a request to

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